With a total of 400 kilometres the municipality of Llucmajor offers the most important bicycle network of Mallorca. 
All the catalogued routes properly are adapted and signalised in order that the fans and amateurs can enjoy the practice of their favourite sport: the cycle  tourism.

The mentioned routes run as much by the interior as bordering the coast of Llucmajor. In the months of January and February, during the period of the almond trees in flower, the red earth fields get dressed with a beautiful white veil.
And along the steep coast, the eyes will enjoy the magnificent views on the archipelago of Cabrera and numerous coves, while in the restaurants and cafeterias those with a discerning palate will delight in the Majorcan cuisine.

Advices for cyclists

  • The described itineraries are not only available for cyclists. Drive so close as possible to the right edge of the road.!
  • Use always the protection helmet!
  • Respect the traffic signs and rules!
  • Respect the flora and fauna along the routes!
  • Don¿t throw on the way sweepings or other wastes!
  • Wear clear clothes or with vivid colours when the conditions of light requires it. Use floodlight for clothes and bicycle!
  • Use sun protection cream as well as sun glasses!
  • Take enough liquids (water, sport drinks) as well as fruits or  high nutritional food!