n Mallorca there are climbing routes for all levels, both for beginners and experiences climbers who want to do the most beautiful routes on the island.

If you want to go climbing, you can choose between the following levels:

Sport climbing: A climbing instructor will guide you through the most magical and secluded sport climbing routes. You can go to the local schools that do not appear in the climbing guides and experience the most interesting routes. Mallorca is a heavenly place where you can go climbing all year long with different schools according to the time of the year.

Big wall climbing: Climbing routes over 200 metres height and at all levels are at your disposal with the instructors of Món d’Aventura. Sa Gubia, Pareis Ravine (Entreforc), Alaró Castle, El Fumat, El Paredón or Agulla del Frare are some of the climbing schools that have routes of different lengths and for all levels.

Some big wall climbing routes in Mallorca are: Albadia, Ley del Deseo, La Princesa, Vía dels Bombers, Pepe Ramón, Vía de los Suizos, Duquesa, Uudos…